Saturday, September 29, 2012

Strala the scholar gets skinny!

Here's a little "about me" post!

name: It's a secret. So call me Strala! ( It's basically the Swedish version of my name.)

age: I'll be 17 in February.

health stats: height is 4'11", weight is 135 pounds. Struggle with PCOS which messes with my metabolism of sugar (it's a lot like diabetes) and (duh) being overweight.

scholar stats: I have gotten all A's and all 5's on my AP tests. I am a super duper nerd. I love being part of the science and math clubs at my school. I am the kind of person who L-O-V-E-S Calculus and European History.

Hopes and Dreams: I am currently in High School. I am hoping to get a PR this year in track, kick the SAT in the guts, and enroll in an arts scholarship program. This summer, I hope to audition to work at Disneyland with some of my friends. Maybe I could be a fairy like Fawn. Anything can happen!  Next year, I hope to get into the dual program offered by Brown and RISD. Ambitious right? And then, there's the "skinny" part. Let's get healthy and fit! Skinny probably isn't the best of terms for the level of weight loss that I'd like to

The Blog to Come: Probably a combination of brainy facts, book reviews, art posts, study tips, life updates, workout and diet logs.

Are you going to be on a diet?: Yes. It will be the "eat as little as possible" diet, which I will attempt to make healthy. **epic sigh**

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