Sunday, October 14, 2012

Plans for next week, challenge update

Hi lucky stars!
Today is the first day of the rest of our lives, right? so let's get into gear. Some pro's about today is the fact that my charcoal study is going quite well and I have made some new friends. I also am having a rather successful fast. A major con is that I have yet to get some exercise. After I finish my homework, I think I'll do some NTC or blogilates and fix that!

My homework is getting more challenging, but it's also gotten pretty fun. In French class, we're actually started to read books and do reading comprehension and writing, which sort of blows my mind. I can't believe I can do analysis and the stuff I do in English class in another language now!

I also officially despise SAT prep. I've got 2 weeks before the November test and my dad is expecting me to get around 2100. I don't know if I can do it. Honestly, I'm pretty freaked. I took an SAT class from a test prep center in a neighborhood with a large asian population (that most of my asian friends have been to). I got a 1990 on their test, so I'm hoping to do better on the actual SAT. I was also impatient and almost braindead, but that is against the point. My score still doesn't measure up to my goals, which is frustrating.

Now on to challenge-related things: 
I plan on posting the challenge super soon, here is a preview of what I'm thinking about for the challenge...

1. Challenge Length. I want the challenge to be more than a month. Probably 6 weeks. But I want people to stick to the challenge so is something like 28 days better?

2. Challenge starting day. Probably a Monday. Those make for good day 1.

3. Points or weight-based challenge. Points can be unwieldy, but I feel like weight isn't fair because a pound is a different percentage of a person's weight so that may not be fair. I think I will end up doing some combination of each.

4. Weekly guild-based challenges and forum challenges. Based on whatever "guild" you're put into, there would be a weekly challenge that may pertain to weight loss and may not. The forum challenges will be weight loss based.

5. The awards for the challenge will be giftcards TBA. If I have enough people, I'll post a poll and see what the general consensus is. I want at least  12 people!!! So if you're interested, please contact me or join the forum, and tell your friends! Spread the word! The more the merrier!

6. Distribution of awards: the person with the most points (points will be awarded for percentage of body weight lost, and their participation in challenges, etc) who is still active by the end of the challenge will win the ultimate prize. I don't know if I will have the time available to do weekly awards for the moment.

7. For guild-based challenges, the entire guild will earn a spotlight and an award of some sort. Guilds will also be awarded at the end of the challenge like a sort of "house cup" for their cumulative points. So work together!

love and light, Strala Star

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