Friday, November 23, 2012

ABC Diet

So I'm starting the ABC diet tomorrow after an awful week with my grandparents.  check out this post for more information. I'll try to post every day with progress and intakes and things like that. 

My week has been crazy. My grandparents are dying, my house is a mess, my life is crazy. Yet all these good things are happening. I got a great SAT score, I may be able to go to these great concerts, I'm going to be doing SO MUCH TRAVELING IT WILL BE INSANE! It almost feels like I don't deserve all these good things. But I do. And I try to keep reminding myself of that. I've worked hard, so I deserve success. The end. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

state of the union **EDITED**

apple (60)
tofu (70)
snap peas (20)
post workout:
gardein chicken strip vegan salad thingy (300)
pickles (50)
tofu (100)
belvita (230)

and there will probably be more..

walking: 100
elliptical: 645
bike: 167
total: 912

so it's just about even steven. If I throw in a pilates video before bed, I'll be in the negatory place that I love so dearly. does this sentence even make sense?

***** Strala

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I took a total internet break before the SAT. I even had my dad change my facebook password...jeez. Anyway, I am now free to work on my weight loss goals. Today, I was home sick but I hope to fast tomorrow and work out a bit. I plan on doing a slimdown next week and be eating regularly and see if my weight goes down.

I've gotten down to about 130 pounds. Currently on my period which really sucks. Plus (as I said above), I've sick

Here is my plan so far, does anyone plan on joining me?
And I lost my password to my forum (then found it) so expect a Holiday Challenge going thru Thanksgiving, Chanukkah, and Xmas

basic plan for every day next week:
30 minutes of insanity in the AM
breakfast: 100 calories of Greek yogurt and an ACV metabolism drink
midday: monster energy or kombucha, an apple
lunch: salad with tofu
afternoon: 90 minute workout (generally I do 30 minutes of strength or intervals and then 60 minutes on the glider)
dinner: salad, chicken breasts
average net calories will range from -200 to -700

let's do this!