Saturday, November 10, 2012


I took a total internet break before the SAT. I even had my dad change my facebook password...jeez. Anyway, I am now free to work on my weight loss goals. Today, I was home sick but I hope to fast tomorrow and work out a bit. I plan on doing a slimdown next week and be eating regularly and see if my weight goes down.

I've gotten down to about 130 pounds. Currently on my period which really sucks. Plus (as I said above), I've sick

Here is my plan so far, does anyone plan on joining me?
And I lost my password to my forum (then found it) so expect a Holiday Challenge going thru Thanksgiving, Chanukkah, and Xmas

basic plan for every day next week:
30 minutes of insanity in the AM
breakfast: 100 calories of Greek yogurt and an ACV metabolism drink
midday: monster energy or kombucha, an apple
lunch: salad with tofu
afternoon: 90 minute workout (generally I do 30 minutes of strength or intervals and then 60 minutes on the glider)
dinner: salad, chicken breasts
average net calories will range from -200 to -700

let's do this! 

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  1. Hahaha! That's pretty wise to have your dad take your password ^_^ I'm glad you're back.
    Sounds like a good plan :)