Saturday, December 8, 2012

back again for ABC week 3

Last week was nuts. It would be nuts for anyone with an ED or a control issue. It was just my dad and me on a crazy college trip. Basically, we would see a college in the morning and by the time we had finished the tour and walking around campus and getting lunch, we would have to drive. I got sick on day 2, the navigator gave out on day 3 and it was a surprisingly fun nightmare at the time. We didn't see a load of schools, but I got to see: Amherst, Yale, Harvard, Mt. Holyoke, NYU, Columbia, and Tufts. If you're curious about any of those colleges or some others that I've previously visited (Brown, UCBerkeley, USC, UCLA), please leave me a message because I'd love to talk colleges! I've also taken my SAT and did pretty well, so if you're curious about test prep, I think I have some valuable information.

 But it was hard to control my eating. There was no way for me to get out of meals because my dad was around me 24/7 and, except for a few occasions, I couldn't get away with much. Then I was sick and feeling blah so that led to binges and I binged (like bulimia status binging, not like 600 calories status binging) when I got back because I had so much homework and stress and just needed a boost and didn't think to have tea blahblah excuses. Regardless, one thing that I have learned from "recovery" is that the past doesn't matter and the present decisions do, so it's not worth it for me to get anxious over what I've screwed up yesterday or the day before, and to focus on doing the best that I can right now. It's pretty powerful stuff.

On my plate today is a lot of makeup work, so I should probably be getting on that but I figured I'd check in here first. I'm planning on doing video diaries in the days to come, so get excited I suppose.

Much love & best of luck to everyone <3

lots of felice fawn in this one

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