Tuesday, January 1, 2013

ABC Diet day 1: 500

So I consumed 117/500 today and did a super intense treadmill workout. I also changed my sheets, did laundry, and cleaned most of the trash out of my room. Which I've meant to do since the beginning of break. Tomorrow is organizing and AP bio and a 40 minute workout on 3 different machines (check out toneitup.com for the workout I completed tonight and the workout I'm doing tomorrow)

My dad comes home tonight so hopefully ill get to see some of him before he goes to work tomorrow morning.

Here is the recipe for a salad that I had today, which was surprisingly filling:
6 leaves of romaine
2 strips of tofurkey brand smoky maple tempeh
And about 2 T of shredded Brussels sprout salad. It was very oily so I didn't have much but it had great flavor and was very satiating.

Best to everyone for tomorrow(: